Friendship Sms

  • Two things are never defined in whole life,
    1 is LOVE:
    Bcoz u never know who LOVES u how much.
    2nd Friend:
    Bcoz u never know how deeply they care About U.


  • Dosti Muhabbat Hain Nafrat Nahi
    Dosti Iqrar Hain Takrar Nahi
    Dosti Haqiqat Hain Khayal Nahi.
    Har Koi Dosti Ko Samajh Nahi Sakta.
    Q K Dosti Ehsas Hai Andaz Nahi.


  • Friendship is all about 3 things-
    Winning, losing and sharing
    Winning your friends heart,
    Losing your ego
    and sharing joys and sorrow


  • Mandiro me hath jode jate hai,
    masjido me hath felaya jate hai,
    Dosti hi 1 aisa jazba hai,
    jaha hath jode ya felaye nahi milaye jate hai…..


  • The best feeling in the world is when u think that
    Your friend forget you & suddenly you receive a msg
    From your friend saying I M missing u so much?


  • Heart can skip beat for a while.
    Memories can be kept in a file
    A Desert can replace the Nile
    But nothing can stop a Smile
    When your NAME comes on my Mobile


  • har qadam pey tumhara ehsas chahiye..
    muje itna he bas tumhara saath chahiye..
    zmana b naaz kary hmari dosti pey..
    yeh rishta mujy itna khas chahiye


  • Friendship is like relationship b/w
    Eye&hand. When hand gets injury.
    Eye will cry. When eye cries hand
    Will wipe its tears…


  • Friends r like street lights along the road. They don’t make the distance any shorter, but they light up the path & make the walk worthwhile


  • Friend is one, who
    F-inds you in a
    R-ush of people,
    I-nspires you to do something in life, Catches your
    E-motions and
    N-ever leaves you till


  • A best friend is 1 who says-
    “Wo teri kismat me nahi hai,
    Yaar use bhul jaa”
    But true friend is 1 who says-
    “Tu padai pe dhyan de,
    ghar se utha layenge”


  • F- Field of love
    R- Root of joy
    I- Island of god
    E- End of sorrow
    N- Name of hope
    D- Door of understand


  • Distance never separates any relation
    Time never build any relation.
    If Feelings r True From Heart,
    Then ‘Friends r always “
    Friends” forever


  • What iz a friend?
    He looks out 4 u,
    Inspires u,
    Laughs wid you,
    Cries wid you,
    Understands u,
    Guides you nd walks with you.
    That’s what a friend is


  • Teri muskrahat meri pehchaan hai…..
    Teri khushi meri jaan hai…..
    Kuch bhi nahi meri jindagi bas itna
    samjle ki teri dosti hi meri shaan hai…
  • ONE ONE:: 2
    ::I MISS U

    tWO tWO::4

    ThREE THREE::6

    FOUR FOUR;;8
    :;U R GREAT

    FiVE FIVE::10


  • Thandi hawa mein apna khayal rakhna,
    Apni y dosti kayam rakhna,
    Hamari dosti ki mehak jarur aygi,
    Bus tum apni pyari si naak saf rakhna…..


  • Friendship iz sweet whn its new,
    Sweeter when its true,
    bt sweetest whn its you.
    Whn God gave friends he tried to bi fair!
    When I got you, I got more than my share!


  • Kyu mushkilo me saath dete he dost
    kyu gamko baat late he dost
    Na rishta khun ka na riwaj se bandha he
    Fir bhi zindagi bhar saath dete he dost…..


  • What is a friend? I will tell you…it is someone with whom you dare to be yourself


  • Rishton ki dori kamzor hoti hai,
    Aankhon ki baatein dil ki chor hoti hai,
    Khuda ne jab bhi pucha dosti ka matlab,
    Hamari ungli aapki taraf hoti hai.
    Happy Friendship Day.


  • 1 Stone is enough 2 break a glass,
    1 sentence is enough 2 break a heart,
    1 word is enough to fall in love &
    1 friend is enough to live in this world.


  • Monsoon rain or
    Summer heat…
    You are the reason
    Why i breathe…
    Tell me friend wat is
    Is that ‘u’ or your
    Heart that beats…


  • A 5 year old boy asked his Friend,
    WHAT IS “FRIENDSHIP?PShe replied Friendship’s when u rob my chocolates everyday 4m my bag, & I still keep it in same place…..
    Are the link between
    Ourselves and the road to
    Happiness ,
    Joy ,
    Success ,
    Without them we are lost


  • This is a friendship bridge
    When you are sad and lonely
    Just cross this bridge
    On the other side of this bridge
    Always and all the tie I am waiting for you


  • Sweet fruits ar nice 2 eat
    sweet words are nice 2 say
    but sweet people r really hard
    to find. My goodness
    how the hell did u manage to find me


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